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How To Play Halo 3 And Become An Expert!

Third in the series of Halo title developed by Bungie Studios is Halo 3, which concludes the story that began with Halo: Combat Evolved and continued in Halo 2. Like its predecessors, Halo 3 is also a FPS game where most of the actions take place on foot with a few segments featuring combat on vehicles. A lot of new features and weaponry has been added in this latest version of Halo series FPS game; for example, it has added a feature called ‘Dual Wielding’ where the player can use grenade and melee simultaneously for a larger damage to the enemy. For a successful campaign and for better strategy, one must know what the new features in Halo 3 are. Below are some of the features that has been included in this latest version:

Halo 3 has become one of the biggest ever entertainment events in history, surpassing such events as the release of the next Harry Potter book and the release of Spiderman 3. In the first 24 HOURS it grossed an estimated $170 million in the US alone.

Even before any retail shop opened its doors it had sold 1.7 million copies in presales and with 10,000 stores holding Midnight Madness events up and down the country the scenes were reminiscent of major movie premiers.

Halo 3: The Plot...

I will try to be brief here without giving away to much detail or to many spoilers. Halo 3 doesn't begin immediately from where Halo 2 left off as a comic mini-series Hao: Uprising will bridge the gap between the two.

The game begins with Master Chief back on an Earth that has been ravaged and desicated by Covenant loyalists under the control of the Prophet of Truth. The Master Chief, along with the Arbiter, make their way to an UNSC outpost, but shortly after their arrival it is attacked and destroyed by the Covenant.

Under orders from Commander Keyes and Lord Hood they proceed to the African city of Voi to destroy the Covenant's anti air defences in preparation for an all out attack on Truth.

However Truth activates a large artifact to create a huge slipspace portal that the Covenant ships escape through. As the humans ponder on what to do a ship controlled by the Flood arrives through the slipspace and crash lands quickly spreadly the parasite in it throughout the city.

With the arrival of the Elite Fleet Master Chief attempts to fight off the Flood and cover infected areas with glass. Deciding to follow Truth Master Chief, the Arbiter and the Elite Fleet leave Earth via the slipspace and arrive near a huge artificial mega-structure, which they find out is the Ark and is positioned outside the Milky Way. Led by Guilty Spark the group investigate the Ark and arrive at the control room barely in time to prevent Truth from activating the rings.

Meanwhile a Flood infested High Charity arrives by slipspace and after the Prophet of Truth has been executed they discover that the Ark has constructed another ring.

In order to prevent The Flood spreading further Master Chief activates the ring.

Master Chief and the Arbiter then take High Charity to rescue Cortana who is still being held captive by Gravemind then after rescuing her they destroy the Covenants homeworld, apparently destroying Gravemind but...


Halo3 features all the weapons that featured in it's predecessors though with various augmentations. Apart from that, this version introduces a very special type of grenade that is most effective in crunch situations.

Also this version, introduces additional support weapons. These support weapons includes turret machine guns and flamethrower. Though, the use of these fire powers drastically restricts the player's combating skills and movements, it increases the power and shooting range of the player. Thus, the judicious use of firepower may decide the fate of the player in the game.

Unlike previous versions, Halo3 displays all the weapons used the player on screen.


Another addition to this version is a group of utilizable items called Equipments. These items can be used for defensive purpose or for causing damage to the enemy. Some of the equipments available in the game are Bubble Shield, Renegerator which are used for defensive purpose while Power Drainer and Trip mines are use for causing damages to the enemy. Again, while using these equipments player has to be judicious on which equipment to use as only one can be used at a time.

Vehicular Game play:

As put in the Para above, this version of Halo series game features combats on vehicles. The vehicles featured here in the game are equipped with state of the art gizmos, but the vehicular combat game play falls short because of lack of A.I. and because of this many of the vehicles are not available in multiplayer versions.

In addition to the above added features in Halo3, for a successful campaign or for better game play one must take the following into consideration:


While playing any FPS games, it is always advisable to know the ins and outs of the map. It would give you upper hand than your opponent. You could always maintain a position from where you have the advantage over your opponent in terms of line of sight and attacking position. This could drastically increase your kill to death ratio.

Besides positioning yourself to the advantageous positions, you could look over the map to spot a good choke point from where you can inflict great damage to the opponent or may break the opponent's momentum.

However, looking at the map is not only about positioning yourself at better positions than your enemy. It is also about knowing where the game changing items are placed, spawn points for items, guns and power ups. Also, by knowing the maps better you get a better idea of where you should be and at what time. And in any game timing is very important.

Optimize and time your routes:

Sometimes it may be possible that you don't seem to find an overhead map to meet your requirements for game strategy. Even then, you can easily find a map. Join the game, look through every nook and corner for power ups, equipments etc., mark it down as you see it and create a timed route between items to power up. Optimize your routes, memorize where things are or what is being used and arrive at the equipment or power ups of your desire when it is spawning.

This sounds like a lot to play Halo3 successfully, right. But, once you are able to explore the features of the game and able to optimize your timing to arrive at the player spawn points, use the weaponry, equipments, vehicles and maps the game would seem quite easy to you.

Some Halo 3 Game Tips

Do you have any tips?

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