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tna figures, tna action figures, tna action figure

Who Makes TNA Figures?

On June 24th 2004, it was announced that the license to produce the first TNA Figures based on the TNA's entertainment programming had been granted to Toy Biz, a division of Marvel Enterprises, Inc.

Nonstop Action Wrestling has mushroomed in popularity as the alternative for the true wrestling fan in recent years and prides itself on delivering quality, family programming that is clean, innovative, cutting edge and with the high-risk, high-flying athleticism that TNA Wrestling is known for.

The first wave of figures was released in the Summer of 2005 and featured A.J. Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, and Raven and this was followed by a Six Sided Ring with exclusive A.J. Styles.

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tna figures, tna action figures, tna action figure

Due to the huge success Series 2 follwed shortly after with Christopher Daniels, Shark Boy, Ron Killings, and Jeff Hardy along with a series of 2-packs featuring Triple X members Christoper Daniels and Elix Skipper, 3Live Kru members Konnan and B.G. James, and America's Most Wanted of Chris Harris and James Storm.

Toybiz continued to release more TNA Figures throughout 2006 with series 3 and 4 as well as an NWA World Championship playset that featured a mini Total ring and mini figures of A.J. Styles and Jeff Jarrett.

There was also another Six Sided ring released with a new exclusive A.J. Styles, a repaint set featuring Elix Skipper, A.J. Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Ron Killings and a second series of 2-packs

Each of these sets was modeled after a specific Pay-Per-View match between the two wrestlers and they came with special CDs with highlights from that match.

tna figures, tna action figures, tna action figure

Toybiz also showed off new prototypes of forthcoming wrestlers and products at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con. These protypes were released in early 2007 except for Brother Ray,Ms Traci Brooks and Hernendez.

However with the loss of the Marvel license in 2007 Toy Biz - now Marvel Toys - faded into obscurity, finishing their TNA line on series 7 and TNA was dealt another blow.

Over the years though these Toy Biz figures have become increasingly popular among collectors and now fetch very good prices on the secondary market.

Jakks TNA Figures

In 2008 JAKKS Pacific Inc, the world leader in wrestling toys that it signed an exclusive five year worldwide Master Toy License with TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Entertainment LLC for TNA Wrestling.

The License includes all styles of action figures, playsets, accessories and role play toys as well as collectible items based on TNA Wrestling's top talent, including wrestling megastars Kurt Angle, Booker T, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, Kevin Nash, Team 3D and many.

The Jakks first releases of their TNA Figures line is due to be released in May and will feature:

Cross the Line Two-Packs Series 01

Scott Steiner & Kevin nash

James Storm & Robert Roode

Team 3D

Mick Foley & Samoa Joe

Deluxe Impact Series 01

Jeff Jarrett


AJ Styles

Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe


Legends of the Ring Series 01

Hulk Hogan (NWA)

Kevin Nash

Kurt Angle

Sting (NWA)

Scott Steiner (NWA)

Jeff Jarrett (NWA)

Toy Biz TNA Figures Checklist

TNA Series 1:

Jeff Jarrett (Silver/Purple Attire w/Guitar and NWA Heavyweight Title)

Abyss (Black Attire)

AJ Styles (Black with Blue Logos)

Raven (Short Hair, Kilt)

TNA Series 2:

Jeff Hardy (No Shirt, Black Pants)

Sharkboy (Mouth is black with white Teeth)

Christopher Daniels (Black/Silver Attire with Silver/Black Robe)

Ron Killings (Blue Camo with TNA Jersey)

TNA Series 3:

AJ Styles (Dark Blue Attire, New Head)

Chris Sabin (White Attire, X-Division Belt)

Monty Brown (Red Attire with Facial Hair)

Monty Brown (Black Attire Variant)

Raven (Long Hair Scan with Kilt and Straightjacket)

TNA Series 4:

Rhino (Black/red Attire)

Kevin Nash (Silver Nash Logo)

Chris Harris (Entrance Gear with Moustache and Tag Belt)

Chris Harris (Entrance Gear Variant with no Moustache and Tag Belt)

Petey Williams (White Attire with Canada Jersey and Hockey Stick Flag)

TNA Series 5:

Samoa Joe (Black/Burgundy attire)

Samoa Joe (Blue/Black attire Variant)

Lance Hoyt (Black Attire)

Lance Hoyt (White Attire Variant)

James Storm (Entrance Gear with Tag Belt and Cowboy Hat)

Kip James (Green Attire)

Kip James (Black Attire Variant))

Sting (with Bat and Molded on Jacket)

TNA Series 6:

Christian Cage (White attire with Fabric Entrance Gear)

Alex Shelley (Black with Red Designs)

Alex Shelley (Black with Green Designs Variant)

Jay Lethal (Orange/Black Attire)

Jay Lethal (Green/White Attire Variant)

Sonjay Dutt (Red Attire)

Sonjay Dutt (Green Attire Variant)

TNA Series 7:

Scott Steiner (Red Attire with sunglasses)

Scott Steiner (Black Attire no sunglasses Variant)

Robert Roode (with Robe)

Bobby Roode (Team Canada Variant with Flag Hockey Stick)

Matt Bentley (Green Attire)

Brother Devon (Black Team 3D)

Sting (Series 5 re-release)

TNA Series 8:

Kurt Angle

Senshi (White Attire)

Senshi (Black Attire Variant)

Eric Young (Don't Fire Eric Attire)

Eric Young (Team Canada Variant with Flag Hockey Stick)

Chase Stevens (Franchised Naturals Attire)

Chase Stevens (Original Naturals Variant)

James Mitchell (Chase Figure 1 Per Case in Variant Boxes Only)

Best of TNA Series 1 (TRU Exclusive):

Jeff Hardy (White Tanktop)

AJ Styles (Baby Blue Attire Series 1 Head)

Ron Killings (Black and Yellow Camo)

Elix Skipper (White Attire with Jacket)

Best of TNA Series 2 (TRU Exclusive):

AJ Styles (Blue and Black Attire Series 3 Head)

Ron Killings (Blue Pants with Truth on sides and Red Glove)

Chris Sabin (Black Attire, X-Division Title)

Monty Brown (Leopard Print Attire)

Raven (Series 3 with iMPACT! Shirt)

Masked Fury (Figure and kid-sized mask):

Sting (Re-released WCW Figure)

Sting (Current New figure Variant)

Abyss (Series 1 Re-Release)

Sharkboy (Mouth is Red with White Teeth)

TNA 2-Packs Series 1:

Elix Skipper (Gold Attire, Long Jacket)

Christopher Daniels (Black/Red Attire with Robe)

BG James (3LK Attire)


"Wildcat" Chris Harris (Blue Ring Gear)

"Cowboy" James Storm (Blue Ring Gear, Tattoo on leg)

TNA 2-Packs Series 2:

AJ Styles (New Mold, New Head Red Attire)

Samoa Joe (Black/White Attire)

Jeff Jarrett (White/Silver Attire with Entrance Gear and New Head)

Monty Brown (Red Attire with no Facial Hair)

Jeff Hardy (New Head, Hardy Shirt)

Abyss (New Mold with Open Vest)

Abyss (New Mold Closed Vest Variant)

TNA 2-Packs Series 3:

BG James (Green Camo with James Gang Jersey)

Kip James (Camo with Wildcat Body)

Raven (iMPACT! Shirt and Fabric Jean Shorts)

Sabu (Yellow Pants with Headdress)

Sting/Jeff Jarrett

Sting (Ring Gear, Angry Head)

Jeff Jarrett (Red Silver, Series 1 Head)

TNA 2-Packs Series 4:

Kevin Nash (Red Nash Logo, Elbow pad)

Chris Sabin (New Head, Alien Attire)

Christian Cage (Black Attire)

Rhino (Black/Blue Attire, New Head)

Christopher Daniels (New Legs and Head, Purple Attire)

Homicide (LAX Attire, with 2 Bandanas)

Ring Sets:

Six Sided Ring w/AJ Styles figure (Red Attire with Hooded Vest)

X-Division Ring w/AJ Styles figure (Green/Black Attire with Fabric Vest)

Lockdown: Six Sides of Steel Ring w/Christian Cage figure

Lockdown w/Christian Cage Figure (Tattoo Variant)

Ultimate X Ring w/Christopher Daniels figure (White Attire)

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